Final meeting in Cyprus

Another Erasmus+ project is reaching a successful end!

The consortium of the Erasmus+ project «Primetech: Promoting Technology Enhanced Teaching In Primary Schools» had its final transnational meeting on the 28th and 29th of June in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the meeting all products were finalized, whereas all partners analyzed their exploitation strategy in order to ensure the sustainability of the project’s products and procedures.

All partners expressed their satisfaction for the material developed which is offered openly online in the interactive learning platform that was designed:www.primetech.iit.demokritos.gr.

Primary schools, authorities, associations etc. are invited to register and explore the various teaching material, the on-line courses and the assessment tool produced based on the methodology of the Open Badges.

JUNE 2018

Final Meeting

Hosting Organisation: Emphasys Centre (CY)


Multiplier Event – Latvia

Biedriba Eurofortis organised two multiplier events in Latvia with an aim to inform stakeholders about the project outcomes and provide an opportunity to learn more about the primeTECH program and e-course with hands-on approach in organised workshops. The first event was held on August 27th in Karsava Secondary School. The second multiplier event was organised on September 17th in Pusmucova Primary School. Both schools are located in Latgale region of Latvia, and both multiplier events together gathered 30 participants.
First, the participants of both events were informed about key facts and benefits of Erasmus+ programme and primeTECH project, its objectives, activities, partners and outputs. Afterwards, the topic of the importance of ICT skills in primary education was introduced. It was followed by a discussion. After the discussion the events focused on the primeTECH e-course. Participants of both events had a chance to participate in workshops, learn in greater detail about the modules of the program, ask questions and share their experiences. A part of the workshop was built on the ‘Internet Security’ module, since in media as well as schools in Latvia this topic is currently greatly discussed, and teachers are looking for more information in Latvian regarding this topic that could be used in teaching and learning process.
Participants of the multiplier event in Karsava Secondary School got actively engaged in the discussion of the role of technology and digital tools in teaching and shared their experience. Participants of both events mentioned that the content of primeTECH e-course is useful and relevant to their work; some teachers also pointed out how the provided material (e.g. material from ‘Internet Security’ book) can be used to discuss use of technologies with primary school students. Positive feedback was received regarding the use of Open Badges system for assessing teachers’ level of competences; participants described this solution as innovative and motivational.
The multiplier events proved to be a good opportunity to inform participants about the primeTECH training program and talk about the importance of TET and use of ICT tools in primary schools.

Dissemination Material

Multiplier Event A – Agenda

Multiplier Event A – Presentation

Multiplier Event B – Agenda

Multiplier Event B – Presentation



Multiplier Event – Romania

Scoala Primara EuroEd  organized the the multiplier event  of the european project 2016-1-DE03-KA201-02304, which was held  on the 5th of June 2018. The location of the event was the headquarters of  Casa Corpului Didactic Iasi – Romania taking into account the  generous space available to the institution.  The event was organised taking into account the project application and discussions that  have occurred within the project meetings. The structure of the multiplier event was as a workshop because the total number of participants had to reach 40  teachers/ inspectors / trainers from different public educational institutions from Iasi. The workshop was received very well within the participants. Most of them said that the event has risen to the level of expectations; the topics discussed during the event are important to them; the information was presented in a concise and appealing form; the materials received are relevant to the topics discussed; the organisation of  the event from a logistical point of view was satisfactory; the time allocated to the event was appropriate.





The Generation Touch Screen

Final Conference in Cyprus

The Final Conference of the Erasmus+ project «primeTECH: Promoting Technology Enhanced Teaching In Primary Schools» was organized by the Emphasys Centre on the 28th of June 2018 at Altius Hotel.

During the conference the project’s rationale, objectives, products and results were presented. A keynote speech was also given by the Sociologist Maria Christodoulou (representative of UNYSA Cyprus) on ‘The role of primary school teachers in the modern cyberspace’. The topics of on-line safety, protection of personal data and dangers for school children were greatly discussed as part of one of the main Digital Competence Modules designed by the consortium.

After the presentations, the opportunity was given to all participants to follow the workshops prepared on the five digital competence modules designed as part of the project: Information and Data Literacy, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Content Creation, Internet Security and Problem Solving in pedagogy.



Module Posters

Information Day in Latvia

primeTECH project and its results were introduced to primary school teachers in an information day which and took place on May 7th in Cibla Secondary School, Cibla, Latvia.

The info day started with a presentation providing information about the project which was followed by a discussion about the importance of ICT in primary education.

Teachers had a chance to discuss why they found acquiring digital competences important; they also mentioned obstacles that sometimes make it difficult to use ICT fully in their classes and shared tips how these obstacles could be overcome.

After the discussion teachers had a chance to register for the primeTECH e-course, take the pre-assessment tests, try out the modules and ask questions.

Finally, everyone attending the info day could sign the petition thereby showing their support for opportunities for primary school teachers to develop their digital skills.

Overall, participants of the info day were interested in the project results and found the primeTECH e-course useful and its contents engaging.


Educational Fair 2018


The “Emphasys Centre” has participated in the International Educational Fair of Cyprus 2018 “Education and Career”,  between the 23rd and 25th of February organised by:

  • Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus,
  • The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI),
  • The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)

Several important stakeholders, key people and official bodies, as well as parents, teenagers, teachers, youth workers and many others visited Emphasys’ booth and were informed about the ‘PRIMETECH’ project’s aims, objectives, products and expected outcomes.

During the International Fair, on the 24th of February, the project ‘primeTech’ was presented individually on a specific time and has attracted the attention of interested people. The Emphasys team disseminated the project using all the relevant material that were designed for the needs of the fair, such as banners, leaflets presentations, petition lists etc.


Certificate template

For more information you can visit the official website http://edufair-cyprus.eu/index.php?id=430   and the official press release Cyprus Educational Fair 2018 PressRelease


3rd Meeting +C1

The thirdmeeting and C1 (Short term joint staff training)  of the primeTECH project was organised on the 15th and 20th of January in Athens, Greece. Τhe consortium discussed in depth the current progress of the primeTECH Learning Tool Box, Quality Control and assessment methods. Also, an in-service training programme was developed for primary teachers who would like to upgrade their digital competences.

The next steps for the successful implementation of the project were also discussed.




3rd Meeting +C1

Hosting Organisation: N.C.S.R “Demokritos” (Greece)

2nd Meeting

The second meeting of the primeTECH project was organised on the 5th and 6h of May in London, UK. During the meeting essential aspects of the implementation of the project were discussed in depth , such as the validation system through the Open Badges and the development of the Learning Management System (LMS).

A constructive discussion took place regarding the development of the  TET Code of Competence for Primacy School teachers and the connection to be designed between the Assessment system and the Online Learning Platform. The partners took important decisions and arrange deadlines for finalizing the TET Code of Competence in order to start the implementation of the LMS.

MAY 2017

2nd Meeting

Hosting Organisation: edEUcation (UK)

Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting for the primeTECH project was organised between the 30th and 31th of January 2017 in Hannover, Germany. During the meeting all partners expressed their commitment for the successful implementation of the  project.

January 2017

Kick- Off Meeting

Hosting Organisation: Leibniz Universität Hannover – Zentrale Studienberatung(Germany)