Multiplier Event – Latvia

Biedriba Eurofortis organised two multiplier events in Latvia with an aim to inform stakeholders about the project outcomes and provide an opportunity to learn more about the primeTECH program and e-course with hands-on approach in organised workshops. The first event was held on August 27th in Karsava Secondary School. The second multiplier event was organised on September 17th in Pusmucova Primary School. Both schools are located in Latgale region of Latvia, and both multiplier events together gathered 30 participants.
First, the participants of both events were informed about key facts and benefits of Erasmus+ programme and primeTECH project, its objectives, activities, partners and outputs. Afterwards, the topic of the importance of ICT skills in primary education was introduced. It was followed by a discussion. After the discussion the events focused on the primeTECH e-course. Participants of both events had a chance to participate in workshops, learn in greater detail about the modules of the program, ask questions and share their experiences. A part of the workshop was built on the ‘Internet Security’ module, since in media as well as schools in Latvia this topic is currently greatly discussed, and teachers are looking for more information in Latvian regarding this topic that could be used in teaching and learning process.
Participants of the multiplier event in Karsava Secondary School got actively engaged in the discussion of the role of technology and digital tools in teaching and shared their experience. Participants of both events mentioned that the content of primeTECH e-course is useful and relevant to their work; some teachers also pointed out how the provided material (e.g. material from ‘Internet Security’ book) can be used to discuss use of technologies with primary school students. Positive feedback was received regarding the use of Open Badges system for assessing teachers’ level of competences; participants described this solution as innovative and motivational.
The multiplier events proved to be a good opportunity to inform participants about the primeTECH training program and talk about the importance of TET and use of ICT tools in primary schools.

Dissemination Material

Multiplier Event A – Agenda

Multiplier Event A – Presentation

Multiplier Event B – Agenda

Multiplier Event B – Presentation